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Torven is officially released! This little fairy tale falls under the category of a novelette. It's only eight chapters long so it's a quick read and it follows Torven Levatt Velcor, a man cursed into the form of a wolf. 

Right now you can find it at Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions. However, if you purchase the paperback then you can get the Kindle version for Free. 


Torven knows he is no normal beast. What little he can remember of his past tells him that he was a man once, not the wolf he roams as now. And he had known love once; a love that ran so deeply he can feel it even in his cursed form.

The Witch who controls him seems to delight in his torment, and under the watchful eyes of her minions Torven can find no peace. But when a poacher comes into the Blightwood Torven finds himself with a new assignment, handed down by the Witch herself.

Unable to combat the Witch’s magic, Torven goes on the hunt only to discover that this poacher is a woman. And not just any woman, but the woman from his memory. As time runs short and the Witch’s patience grows thin, Torven must find a way to communicate with the girl, to warn her of the danger, before an even more tragic fate can befall them.

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